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July 8, 2013

Ask an Anglican: What is Anglican Monasticism?

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The Conciliar Anglican

15_DECADES_Constance_and_her_CompanionsMatt writes:

I’ve heard you mention monasticism on your blog several times, and I was wondering if you knew of any traditionalist/conservative Anglican monasteries either in the US or in the Church of England?  I’m really interested in Anglican monasticism and I’m trying to learn all about it that I can.

Technically, I could answer this question by just giving an internet link (such as this one, to the official Anglican Religious Communities website) or two (such as this one, to the forthcoming Anglican Religious Life directory) or even three (and finally this one, which links to the traditionalist religious communities affiliated with Forward in Faith). However, I am guessing that this question might also benefit from a slight historical overview, complete with some recommended reading.

A Very Brief History of Anglican Religious Communities

The history of Anglican monasticism is both long and rich. In some ways, it is also…

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